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Since 1954, Kaufmann De Suisse has become an icon of elegance and distinctive style. An enchanting story of entrepreneurial success, the company is the distinguished winner of five Diamond International Awards, and has built its reputation as one of the world’s finest designers of custom made jewelry, which caters to the elite members of society.

The legacy of luxury jeweler Kaufmann De Suisse began in 1953, it was then that founder E. Pius Kaufmann, a master jeweler from Switzerland, decided to travel to North America for what was supposed to be two years. Mr. Kaufmann came to Montreal and began working for the Birk’s company, where he was placed in a role that put him in charge of executing the most delicate and important jewelry pieces for the company.

The Flowing Lines jewelry line is the signature Kaufmann De Suisse motif that is recognized around the world. Blending the symmetrical quality of Art Deco style with the romantic and smooth lines of Art Nouveau style, Flowing Lines is one-of-a-kind, trademarked design. This extensive line of jewelry includes rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings.

The distinct craftsmanship of Kaufmann De Suisse jewelry can be attributed to its policy of producing every piece in-house rather than outsourcing. Each boutique has its own team of goldsmiths and setters who handcraft and sign each piece of jewelry before it heads out into the world. The commitment to craftsmanship is evidenced in the meticulous precision that can be found in even the slightest detail in every piece of jewelry. Many elements of the Kaufmann De Suisse collection contain rare and important gemstones not commonly found in consumer jewelry. However, what the company truly prioritizes above all else is that every client be rewarded with a product that is personally tailored to meet a particular taste. Kaufmann De Suisse is also renowned for the ability to produce custom orders for its clients. In fact, the first commission that the company took on in 1954 was the production of a special golden key.

The international success of Kaufmann De Suisse is a tribute to the dedicated staff members working at all of its boutiques. Every Kaufmann De Suisse sales associate is personally trained by a member of the Kaufmann family. Furthermore, all staff members of the company take GIA courses in diamond grading and work towards a certificate in gemology. The associates of Kaufmann De Suisse take pride in their work and their client’s satisfaction. It is common that a bottle of champagne be opened with a client to celebrate an important purchase. Those clients not living in North America are invited to take advantage of tax free export.

The company is able to count some of the most prestigious and distinguished families around the world as satisfied customers. Additionally, Kaufmann De Suisse continues to build on its celebrity following which now includes many famous names.


Custom Designs, Master Goldsmiths & Rare Gems since 1954

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